How it works


Port-Soft has projects in several industries such as Banking, Pharma, Insurance, production, Chemical for different freelance profiles like Marketing, IT, Digital, Social Media etc.

Our projects and experts are multi sector and made for all kind of collaborations: small or large project, Fixed price or Time & Material, a Full time or adhoc support.


There are no upfront recruitment or contractual costs. The use of our services by job seekers is free of charge, and we guarantee the confidential of their private and professional information.

Once the Candidate is interested on our Job Vacancies he/she can apply online and after our CV analyze, we will fix the first interview with him. During the interview we will ask questions to get more information about professional experience, availability, and daily rate for the project applied.

When we have an agreement with the candidate to represent him/her to our Client, we’ll send the CV to the Company. If the Company accepts to hire our Candidate, Port-Soft will charge the company a fee of maximum 50 EUR per approved working day.

The Company and freelancer contracts directly with Port-Soft. Missions are formalized through a Purchase or Task Order.


For the freelancer an approved timesheet and expense sheet is mandatory to be able to invoice Port-Soft. The timesheet and expenses must be validated by the customer at the end of the month or at least at the end of his mission. Port-Soft will only accept freelancers’ invoice if the Company approved his timesheet & expense sheet. Then Port-Soft will invoice the company based on the approved timesheets and expenses.