Port-Soft provides expert outsourced HR consultancy

HR is becoming bolder in its solutions, agile, open, connected and transparent. Port-Soft helps employees and employers think bigger, see opportunities and embrace them with open heart.
With Head Offices in Lisbon, and presentation office in Brussels, Port-Soft operates in a variety of industries and have a client list that ranges from small care agencies to multinational technology firms. Our HR consultants have extensive experience in the HR sector; experience that they use to resolve any employment issues that arise. We aim to earn recognition across the Portugal and beyond for our practical, pragmatic HR expertise. Even though we serve our clients both permanent and freelance positions, our core business is freelance market. Statistics shows that in average 40 % of companies staff are already freelancers, and this group of freelance experts will keep growing fast in the coming years. The war on freelance talent is raging and more than ever a solid freelance management strategy is critical to success for companies business. Therefore we created Port-Soft platform to combine the flexibility of a Freelance Management Solution for freelance experts with the performance of a HR Management Solution for employers. Finding the right person or the right project without loosing time is our goal. We connect Freelance experts with corporate buyers, with more transparency, at a better price and with a faster time to market. With Port-Soft, freelancers and corporate buyers can join forces, working together as dynamic entrepreneurs. We make it easy and pleasant for everyone to do their job.

Candidates Company

Trust us with your recruitment

Research, Selection and Recruitment

Capture the best talent!

Through a rigorous search process, we provide your organization with an effective integration of new employees.

  • Search for the most suitable candidate for the job.
  • Behavioral validation of candidates - application of knowledge tests, psychological and personality tests and application of simulation techniques.
  • Presentation of short list of candidates.
  • Final client interviews.


Count on the most appropriate answer to your business needs.

Reduce costs implicit to HR Management and increase the effectiveness of your Organization through our Outsourcing solutions.

  • Specialized support in finding the best solutions for your organization.
  • Cost optimization and increased productivity.
  • Complementarity of the teams' know-how.
  • Strengthening of technical and productive capacity.